Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lerning Log 01: TV

Every body in this time period seems to have a T.V. Either it is a new LCD T.V., Plasma or an old tube T.V. it just seems to be in ever bodies house. The interface of the T.V. has really evolved the T.V. started out in black and white and not many people had one. But then it became in color and more channels came out. After that they started to get bigger and more advanced the T.V. remote came out so you don’t have to get out of your seat. I have seven Televisions in my house that use, eight when I am home from college. I do not think it is necessary but I do have two younger brothers that do love their video games. The T.V. can be very useful. Not just for entertainment but for news, updates for storms. It cam help save peoples lives. I know in my area even though it is rare to have a major storm the still do the every now an then storm testing for in case of an emergency. The T.V. is a very fun and useful interface and there should be at least one in every household.

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  1. How does this relate to the readings? What is the author saying about TV as an interface, that relates to this? How is TV an interface? When is it a successful interface? When is it not a successful interface? How can it be improved?