Monday, January 18, 2010

DriveThrough Entertainment 05

How Tournaments Work

if you have a group of kids 15 or more you can have a tournament with any game of your choosing on our 35 X 35 foot projectors. It will cost 2.50 for each player. There will be no reward for the winner. You can do this everyday of the week except Fridays and Saturdays. Fridays and Saturdays or our weekly tournaments and you will be competing for cash prizes and points. You will be playing the most popular games as of now Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3. It will Cost 10 dollars per a player and up to 40 players in each tournament. Be committed to play because you will not be reimbursed. For M rated games if you are not at the age of 17 or older you must have an 18 year old or older player with you to play. The 18 year old or older player can sign up to 6 players as long he or she is playing too. If the 18 year old or older player is not playing he or she can only sign up to 3 players in. Stats will be kept and players will get their stats printed out for each round. Winners 1-4 will receive prizes and points. Tournaments are the only circumstance for which you do not need a member’s card unless you want points.

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