Monday, January 18, 2010

DriveThrough Entertainment 04

How points and rewards on the members card work

Member cards a free and you do not have to pay monthly to be a member, but when either buying games or renting movies or games you must have a member’s card.


100 point for just signing up to be a member
1 points of each movie you rent
2 points for each blueray movie you rent
2 points for each game you rent.
5 points for renting 5 items
20 points for renting 10 items which is the max you can rent
1000 points for wining a tournament with 35 people or more
Mach the point to how much you buy a game for (50 dollar game = 50 points)
Double the points for renting on Mondays and Wednesdays

350 points = free rental
500 points = free tournament pass for any game genre
1000 points = free video game 20 dollars or less
2000 points = free video game 30 dollars or less
5000 points= free video game 65 dollars or less

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