Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lerning Log 01: Response

I thought the reading of Affordances: Clarifying and Evolving a Concept was very interesting. It made me feel that not just me but a lot of people take a lot of interfaces for granted. It’s like you expect these interfaces to come out and help you, but what if there was no computer, no TV, no telephone, etc. The world would be totally different, but because these interfaces are already out we don’t have to think about that. The reading also made me think about what makes a good interface. To most people a good interface would be simple and straight forward, something that would take no time to learn, but that is just not me. I can see in some situations I would like that, but I like a challenge in some interfaces, like software. I hate when professional software is so easy to use. I say this because if you are a professional in a field that has to do with using computers. You have to study in that field you have to go to college and study hard. You don’t want a no name guy or girl buying this software and just learning it 1,2,3, and then thinking to them self, wow this is easy I can make some money doing this. I don’t know that is just my opinion. Know on the other hand Interfaces that should be easy and not have a challenge is a light switch. You want to turn it off or turn it on, but then what happens when you want to set time for your light switch. Then it can get difficult. Manufactures make it mostly digital these days, but that makes it more difficult. I know in my house it is very difficult, not because we want it to be difficult it is because the manufactures make it difficult. The reading also made me think about feedback. Feedback is very important. How can an interface improve with out feedback? If an interface is poor I am sure the company or service wants to make it better so they are going to want to here from the people who are using it. I was watching TV. It was on Comedy Central and it was the news part of it and they were talking about the service and quality of Dominos Pizza. Because of feedback Dominos decided to totally change there pizza. I know I wasn’t a fan of there pizza and because they decided to chance it makes me want to try it again.

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  1. Can you name some other kinds of feedback? Feedback is more than just someone's feelings about a product or service, and that is what is most important when creating and designing and interface.