Monday, January 18, 2010

DriveThrough Entertainment 05

How Tournaments Work

if you have a group of kids 15 or more you can have a tournament with any game of your choosing on our 35 X 35 foot projectors. It will cost 2.50 for each player. There will be no reward for the winner. You can do this everyday of the week except Fridays and Saturdays. Fridays and Saturdays or our weekly tournaments and you will be competing for cash prizes and points. You will be playing the most popular games as of now Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3. It will Cost 10 dollars per a player and up to 40 players in each tournament. Be committed to play because you will not be reimbursed. For M rated games if you are not at the age of 17 or older you must have an 18 year old or older player with you to play. The 18 year old or older player can sign up to 6 players as long he or she is playing too. If the 18 year old or older player is not playing he or she can only sign up to 3 players in. Stats will be kept and players will get their stats printed out for each round. Winners 1-4 will receive prizes and points. Tournaments are the only circumstance for which you do not need a member’s card unless you want points.

DriveThrough Entertainment 04

How points and rewards on the members card work

Member cards a free and you do not have to pay monthly to be a member, but when either buying games or renting movies or games you must have a member’s card.


100 point for just signing up to be a member
1 points of each movie you rent
2 points for each blueray movie you rent
2 points for each game you rent.
5 points for renting 5 items
20 points for renting 10 items which is the max you can rent
1000 points for wining a tournament with 35 people or more
Mach the point to how much you buy a game for (50 dollar game = 50 points)
Double the points for renting on Mondays and Wednesdays

350 points = free rental
500 points = free tournament pass for any game genre
1000 points = free video game 20 dollars or less
2000 points = free video game 30 dollars or less
5000 points= free video game 65 dollars or less

DriveThrough Entertainment 03

How the Drive Through Works

A customer must sign up to be a member and get a membership card before he or she can access the drive through. Once you activate your membership your package will contain a laminated paper that has the list of movies and games we have. Once you decide which game or movie you want to rent you have 2 choices of drive throughs. The Park drive through which has ATM access. At each drive though you will swipe your card and will use the touch screen to pick which movie or game you want to rent. All rental rules from the drive through apply the same as in the store.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

DriveThrough Entertainment 02

How My Store Works and how to become a member

You need an ID and a credit or debit card to open the account. It could be mix or match. Meaning if you want to open the account in your name and you don't have a credit card or debit card, you can open it together. With someone else and supply their billing info.. BUT THAT PERSON MUST BE WITH YOU WHEN YOU OPEN THE ACCOUNT! You can rent up to 10 movies or games at a time. Blueray movies and Video Games are extra. For a normal DVD it will cost 4.50$ a movie. Blueray is 7.50$. Games are 6.50$. If you want to mix and match you are more than welcome, but you are not aloud to rent more than 2 new Titles for each DVD, BlueRay and Video Game unless you have a coupon that says otherwise. A new title can only be taken out for 4 days before late fees apply. you will have a 14 day grace period, but on the 15 day you will be charged the full amount of the DVD, Blueray, or Game to your account charging your credit card. If you decide that you don’t want to keep the game or movie you can bring it back but the store will charge you a 1.00$ stocking fee. Once becoming a member you can pick 1 of 3 offers you can take per a 2 month period:
1. * For every 5 movies or games you rent, you'll receive 1 FREE rental, including New Releases and games, up to 2 a month.
2. * Rent 1 movie or game Monday through Wednesday, and receive 1 FREE Non-New Release Movie rental.
3. *Each and every Week, you'll receive a different FREE Non-New Release Movie rental coupon

DriveThrough Entertainment 01

What Happens when you walk inside my store

When a customer walks inside my store they will be amazed. Each isle will be equipped with 2 or more electronic touché screens that you can bring your empty movie or game to it scan the barcode and pay for the movie right in the isle with the choice of paying in Debit, Credit, or Cash, if you want to try out a game or watch a trailer of a movie you can go to the Media Center part of the store and scan your movie or game and you can play a demo or watch a trailer right in the media center. If you want to play the game further in the store you can pay the 5-dollar fee and play it as long as you want. If not you only have a max time of 10 minutes to play your demo or watch your trailer.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chapter 5

This chapter discussed all the errors that are made when using interfaces and how they usually happen. Norman puts the errors he calls “slips” into many different categories. After reading the chapter the main idea I got form it is that you rarely get the design your want as your final the first time there will be mistakes, so before you start designing you should take mistakes or “slips” into account. I can definitely to the “slip”. I am usually in a big rush when it comes to doing thinks. I don’t know why that is just how my mind works. My mind always jumps to one thing to another. So I was working on a project in Photoshop and all of a sudden my mind jumped to another thing, which had to do with Illustrator. So rushing as usual Forgot to save my project in Photoshop and as in Illustrator my keylogger shut my Photoshop down. What this chapter taught me is always prepare for mistakes.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 was very interesting because it was the first chapter to part away from design and talk about psychology and our selves. Norman talked about 2 different types of knowledge. He talked about knowledge in your head and in the world. He talks about memory. When he talked about the knowledge/memory in your head is usually short or long term, but knowledge in the world has a lot to do with memory too. I Liked when he showed the different stove setups. It made me think about the keyboard. Even though the keyboard is not set up in alphabetical order we use our memory and knowledge when we learnt how to use the keyboard in grade school.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Learning log 02: Response

Norman really made sense in this chapter to me. My favorite part of the chapter is when he talks about the ongoing spiral of silence. The ongoing spiral of silence is when a person fails to report a problem with a design. I think a lot of people do this, but can easily be fixed by reading the manual of the product because if you do and something is wrong with the specific product you will know immediately and can report the problem so it as fixed and you don’t blame yourself, because if you blame your self nothing will get done.

Learning log 02: Personal Experience

I really liked the second chapter of DOET. I think normal made perfect sense on the beginning when he explained how people wrongly blame themselves in ordinary life situations based upon interfaces they use. I too have done something like that many times before realizing it was a faulty interface and a problem with not me using the interface but a problem with the interface itself. My example is that I purchased an XBOX 360 when it first came out. I don’t know it was because it was a new interface or not, but it took a lot of strength in my fingers to push the power button before the XBOX 360 would turn on. Every time I would try to turn the XBOX I would have to really push that button hard. I was upset an blamed my self for not reading the manual or something. It turned out I went to my friend’s house and we went to play XBOX he pushed his button so easy and turned right on. Then realized it was a faulty system and brought it back and exchanged it for a new one. I really like when Norman states that psychology has a lot to do with society falsely blaming themselves for their errors because I Have too blamed my self for errors that were not my fault.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lerning Log 01: TV

Every body in this time period seems to have a T.V. Either it is a new LCD T.V., Plasma or an old tube T.V. it just seems to be in ever bodies house. The interface of the T.V. has really evolved the T.V. started out in black and white and not many people had one. But then it became in color and more channels came out. After that they started to get bigger and more advanced the T.V. remote came out so you don’t have to get out of your seat. I have seven Televisions in my house that use, eight when I am home from college. I do not think it is necessary but I do have two younger brothers that do love their video games. The T.V. can be very useful. Not just for entertainment but for news, updates for storms. It cam help save peoples lives. I know in my area even though it is rare to have a major storm the still do the every now an then storm testing for in case of an emergency. The T.V. is a very fun and useful interface and there should be at least one in every household.

Lerning Log 01: Response

I thought the reading of Affordances: Clarifying and Evolving a Concept was very interesting. It made me feel that not just me but a lot of people take a lot of interfaces for granted. It’s like you expect these interfaces to come out and help you, but what if there was no computer, no TV, no telephone, etc. The world would be totally different, but because these interfaces are already out we don’t have to think about that. The reading also made me think about what makes a good interface. To most people a good interface would be simple and straight forward, something that would take no time to learn, but that is just not me. I can see in some situations I would like that, but I like a challenge in some interfaces, like software. I hate when professional software is so easy to use. I say this because if you are a professional in a field that has to do with using computers. You have to study in that field you have to go to college and study hard. You don’t want a no name guy or girl buying this software and just learning it 1,2,3, and then thinking to them self, wow this is easy I can make some money doing this. I don’t know that is just my opinion. Know on the other hand Interfaces that should be easy and not have a challenge is a light switch. You want to turn it off or turn it on, but then what happens when you want to set time for your light switch. Then it can get difficult. Manufactures make it mostly digital these days, but that makes it more difficult. I know in my house it is very difficult, not because we want it to be difficult it is because the manufactures make it difficult. The reading also made me think about feedback. Feedback is very important. How can an interface improve with out feedback? If an interface is poor I am sure the company or service wants to make it better so they are going to want to here from the people who are using it. I was watching TV. It was on Comedy Central and it was the news part of it and they were talking about the service and quality of Dominos Pizza. Because of feedback Dominos decided to totally change there pizza. I know I wasn’t a fan of there pizza and because they decided to chance it makes me want to try it again.